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  • Four reasons why business VPNs are still a necessity

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    The IT buzzword of the day in Silicon Valley is zero-trust networking, which refers to a model of corporate network security where services are exposed directly to the web, and each secured individually against outside attackers. Having gained notoriety for their use at large corporations, such as Google, it may seem like the noble VPN will soon find itself relegated to the junk heap.

  • Why NFTables is better than IPTables, and how to switch

    Tunnelhound Internals

    If you’ve spent much time around the Linux networking stack, chances are you’ve heard of IPTables. If you haven’t, IPTables is the framework that decides what to do with incoming network packets. It can be used to set up everything from simple firewalls up until complicated stateful routers and NATs. First released in 1998, this venerable software package has powered many networks for a venerable two decades.

  • Setting up a WireGuard VPN on Amazon EC2 to access a private VPC

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    These days, many businesses choose to host their entire infrastructure on a cloud provider, like Amazon. This has a number of benefits, such as the ability to quickly scale up or down or reductions in initial capex. One of the difficulties with cloud environments is offering secured access to private cloud resource with VPNs. The native cloud solutions, like Amazon VPN, can be costly. For example, running an Amazon Client VPN costs $0.15/hr and then an additional $0.05/hr for every client connected. For a small company with four employees connected 8 hours every weekday, this can add up to almost 200 / month. If your employees keep their laptops on all day, costs can quickly escalate to several hundreds of dollars a month. That’s not to mention bandwidth costs.

  • Introducing TunnelHound

    Tunnelhound Vpn

    Setting up a WireGuard® VPN used to involve sorting through endless manual pages, messing around with error-prone configuration, crossing your fingers, and lots of swearing. But no more! Introducing TunnelHound, the first commercial provisioning server for WireGuard®. Set up a WireGuard® VPN in minutes, with support for SAML SSO auto-provisioning, user self-service, mandatory expirations, diagnostics, etc.